[openstack-dev] [nova] Rocky blueprint burndown chart

melanie witt melwittt at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 20:47:45 UTC 2018

Howdy everyone,

Keeping with the tradition of Matt's burndown charts from previous 
cycles [1][2], I have a burndown chart for the Rocky cycle [3] to share 
with you. Apologies for the gap in the data -- I had an issue keeping up 
with the count for that time period. I also focused on only Approved vs 
Completed counts this time. And finally, there are overlapping labels 
for "Spec Review Sprint" on June 5 and "r-2, spec freeze" on June 7 that 
are hard to read, and I didn't find a way to adjust their position in 
google sheets.

Comparing final numbers to Queens
Max approved for Queens: 53
Max approved for Rocky: 72
Final completed for Queens: 42
Final completed for Rocky: 59

Our completion percentage of approved blueprints in Queens was 79.2% and 
in Rocky it was 81.9%. We approved far more blueprints in Rocky than we 
did in Queens, but the completion rate was similar.

With runways, we were looking to increase our completion percentage by 
focusing on reviewing the same approved things at the same time but we 
simultaneously were more ambitious with what we approved. So we ended up 
with a similar completion percentage. This doesn't seem like a bad thing 
in that, we completed more blueprints than we did last cycle (and 
presumably got more done overall), but we're still having trouble with 
our approval rate of blueprints that we can realistically finish in one 

I think part of the miss on the number of approvals might be because we 
extended the spec freeze date to milestone r-2 because of runways, 
thinking that if we completed enough things, we could approve more 
things. We didn't predict that accurately but with the experience, my 
hope is we can do better in Stein. We could consider moving spec freeze 
back to milestone s-1 or have rough criteria on whether to approve more 
blueprints close to s-2 (for example, if 30%? of approved blueprints 
have been completed, OK to approve more).

If you have feedback or thoughts on any of this, feel free to reply to 
this thread or add your comments to the Rocky retrospective etherpad [4] 
and we can discuss at the PTG.


[4] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/nova-rocky-retrospective

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