[openstack-dev] [tc][all] Do we need a #openstack-tc IRC channel

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Tue May 16 20:06:44 UTC 2017

On 2017-05-16 21:53:43 +0200 (+0200), Thierry Carrez wrote:
> I wouldn't say it's premature optimization, we create channels all the
> time. #openstack-dev is a general discussion channel, which is used for
> anything that doesn't fit anywhere else. If you look at recent logs,
> you'll see that it is used for general community pings, but also lengthy
> inter-project discussions.

Those sound entirely on-topic for #openstack-dev to me. Like others
on this thread I also worry that a TC-specific channel will seem
"exclusive" when really we're just members of the community having
discussions with other members of the community (elected or not).

> Here we have a clear topic, and TC members need to pay a certain level
> of attention to whatever is said. Mixing it with other community
> discussions (which I have to prioritize lower) just makes it harder to
> pay the right level of attention to the channel. Basically I have
> trouble to see how we can repurpose a general discussion channel into a
> specific group office-hours channel (different topics, different level
> of attention to be paid). Asking people to use a ping list when they
> *really* need to get TC members attention feels like a band-aid.

If we go with office hours as proposed I for one would pay close
attention to whatever's said on #openstack-dev during those
scheduled timeframes, highlighted or not. Having a common highlight
is merely a possible means of getting the attention of specific
people in a channel without them needing to pay close attention to
everything said in that channel.

> It's pretty clear now some see drawbacks in reusing #openstack-dev, and
> so far the only benefit expressed (beyond not having to post the config
> change to make it happen) is that "everybody is already there". By that
> rule, we should not create any new channel :)

That was not the only concern expressed. It also silos us away from
the community who has elected us to represent them, potentially
creating another IRC echo chamber.
Jeremy Stanley

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