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Kaz Shinohara ksnhr.tech at gmail.com
Mon May 15 16:16:23 UTC 2017

Hi Lico and team,

Let me show up in this thread again, because I think now is really good
timing to introduce myself.
My name is Kazunori Shinohara (Kaz) working for NTT Communications as
software engineer.
I'm taking Heat as public cloud's orchestration services by adding own
resource plugins and some patches, I do believe my experience on this
should help the further development of Heat and the relevant projects.

In the last summit, I got upstream institute and Heat onboarding session, I
guess I was next to Lance at there.
Now I've done my first contribution for a document bug with Zane and
Huang's help.
I will definitely keep contributing more*, esp..bug and blueprint part,
also I don't mind any tasks like as template example if I can help.*

> *tutorial*: We got some reports about the lack of tutorials for for for
features like software config/ rolling upgrade,
Yea I think so, honestly speaking I skipped software config function for
our public cloud because I could not figure out well how it works....

> Also, we do hope to get more reports on how people use heat,
I will be able to have feedback from actual use case on our public cloud
going forward.

>(Wednesdays at 1500 UTC in #openstack-meeting-5) :)
I will join too.


Kaz Shinohara
IRC: kazsh

2017-05-16 1:10 GMT+09:00 Steven Hardy <shardy at redhat.com>:

> On Mon, May 15, 2017 at 04:46:28PM +0200, Lance Haig wrote:
> > Hi Steve,
> >
> > I am happy to assist in any way to be honest.
> >
> > The backwards compatibility is not always correct as I have seen when
> > developing our library of templates on Liberty and then trying to deploy
> it
> > on Mitaka for example.
> Yeah, I guess it's true that there are sometimes deprecated resource
> interfaces that get removed on upgrade to a new OpenStack version, and that
> is independent of the HOT version.
> As we've proven, maintaining these templates has been a challenge given the
> available resources, so I guess I'm still in favor of not duplicating a
> bunch
> of templates, e.g perhaps we could focus on a target of CI testing
> templates on the current stable release as a first step?
> > As you guys mentioned in our discussions the Networking example I quoted
> is
> > not something you guys can deal with as the source project affects this.
> >
> > Unless we can use this exercise to test these and fix them then I am
> > happier.
> >
> > My vision would be to have a set of templates and examples that are
> tested
> > regularly against a running OS deployment so that we can make sure the
> > combinations still run. I am sure we can agree on a way to do this with
> > so that we test the fetureset.
> Agreed, getting the approach to testing agreed seems like the first step -
> FYI we do already have automated scenario tests in the main heat tree that
> consume templates similar to many of the examples:
> https://github.com/openstack/heat/tree/master/heat_
> integrationtests/scenario
> So, in theory, getting a similar test running on heat_templates should be
> fairly simple, but getting all the existing templates working is likely to
> be a bigger challenge.
> Steve
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