[openstack-dev] [releases] Stable branch conflicting information

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Mon May 15 13:19:09 UTC 2017

Sean McGinnis wrote:
> So I noticed today that the release information [0] for Newton appears to have
> the wrong date for when Newton transitions to the Legacy Phase. According to
> this conversation [1], I think (thought?) we established that rolling over to
> each support phase would stay on a 6 month cycle, despite Ocata being a shorter
> development cycle.
> I am not talking about EOL here, just the transition periods for stable
> branches to move to the next phase.
> Based on this, the Next Phase for Newton appears to be wrong because it is on
> a 6 month period from the Ocata release, not based on Newton's actual release
> date.

You are correct. Phase transitions are based on the initial release
date, not the next ones. Phase III for Newton should start on 2017-10-06.

> I was going to put up a patch to fix this, but then got myself really confused
> because I couldn't actually reconcile the dates based on how the rest of the
> phase information is listed there. Going off of what we state in our Stable
> Branch phases [2], we are not following what we have published there.
> Based on that information, Mitaka should still be in the Legacy phase, and
> not actually EOL'd for another 6 months. (Well, technically that actual EOL
> date isn't called out in the documentation, so I'm just assuming another 6
> months)

Actually the duration of stable branch life support is independent of
the definition of the 3 support phases. If you read the end of that
paragraph, it says:

"""The exact length of any given stable branch life support is discussed
amongst stable branch maintainers and QA/infrastructure teams at every
Design Summit. It is generally between 9 and 15 months, at which point
the value of the stable branch is clearly outweighed by the cost in
maintaining it in our continuous integration systems."""

Currently, the stable maint team supports branches for about 12 months.
Depending on when exactly the branch is EOLed, that basically means you
do not do much (if any) phase III support.

Hope this clarifies,

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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