[openstack-dev] [nova] [glance] [cinder] [neutron] [keystone] - RFC cross project request id tracking

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Mon May 15 10:20:53 UTC 2017

On 05/15/2017 05:59 AM, Andrey Volkov wrote:
>> The last time this came up, some people were concerned that trusting 
>> request-id on the wire was concerning to them because it's coming from 
>> random users.
> TBH I don't see the reason why a validated request-id value can't be
> logged on a callee service side, probably because I missed some previous
> context. Could you please give an example of such concerns?
> With service user I see two blocks:
> - A callee service needs to know if it's "special" user or not.
> - Until all services don't use a service user we'll not get the complete trace.

That is doable, but then you need to build special tools to generate
even basic flows. It means that the Elastic Search use case (where
plopping in a request id shows you things across services) does not
work. Because the child flows don't have the new id.

It's also fine to *also* cross log the child/callee request idea on the
parent/caller, but it's not actually going to be sufficiently useful to
most people.


Sean Dague

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