[openstack-dev] [devstack] [all] systemd in devstack by default

Sean Dague sean at dague.net
Thu May 4 10:38:29 UTC 2017

This is the cantrip in devstack-gate that's collecting the logs into the
compat format:


It's also probably worth dumping the whole journal in native format for
people to download and query later if they want (I expect that will
become more of a thing):


If you are using devstack-gate already, this should be happening for
you. If things are running differently, those are probably the missing
bits you need.


On 05/04/2017 03:09 AM, Guy Rozendorn wrote:
> In regards to 3rd party CIs:
> Before this change, the screen logs were saved under $LOGDIR and copied
> to the log servers, and it was pretty much under the same location for
> all the jobs/projects.
> What’s the convention now with switch to systemd?
> * should the logs be collected in journal exported format? or dump to
> simple text files so they could be viewed in the browser? or in journal
> json format?
> * is there a utility function in devstack/devstack-gate that takes care
> of the log collection so it’ll be the same for all jobs/projects?
> On 3 May 2017 at 13:17:14, Sean Dague (sean at dague.net
> <mailto:sean at dague.net>) wrote:
>> As a follow up, there are definitely a few edge conditions we've hit
>> with some jobs, so the following is provided as information in case you
>> have a job that seems to fail in one of these ways.

Sean Dague

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