[openstack-dev] [vitrage] trouble installing Nagios on devstack on ubuntu 16.04 ...

Waines, Greg Greg.Waines at windriver.com
Tue May 2 13:03:06 UTC 2017

Hey ... I’m working thru the ‘Vitrage - Getting Started Guide’


Was able to get vitrage up and running and enabled in horizon ... on ubuntu 16.04 .
     ( I tried on ubuntu 14.04 and ‘./stack.sh’ warned that it had not been tested on trusty (14.04), I FORCE=yes it ... but it failed. )

Now trying to install Nagios in devstack

BUT it doesn’t seem like there is an OMD package available for ubuntu 16.04 ... and the trusty (14.04) package won’t install due to dependency issues.

Any suggestions ?


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