[openstack-dev] [all] [barbican] [security] Why are projects trying to avoid Barbican, still?

Ian Cordasco sigmavirus24 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 13:35:42 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

I've seen a few nascent projects wanting to implement their own secret
storage to either replace Barbican or avoid adding a dependency on it.
When I've pressed the developers on this point, the only answer I've
received is to make the operator's lives simpler.

I've been struggling to understand the reasoning behind this and I'm
wondering if there are more people around who can help me understand.

To help others help me, let me provide my point of view. Barbican's
been around for a few years already and has been deployed by several
companies which have probably audited it for security purposes. Most
of the technology involved in Barbican is proven to be secure and the
way the project has strung those pieces together has been analyzed by
the OSSP (OpenStack's own security group). It doesn't have a
requirement on a hardware TPM which means there's no hardware upgrade
cost. Furthermore, several services already provide the option of
using Barbican (but won't place a hard requirement on it). It stands
to reason (in my opinion) that if new services have a need for secrets
and other services already support using Barbican as secret storage,
then those new services should be using Barbican. It seems a bit
short-sighted of its developers to say that their users are definitely
not deploying Barbican when projects like Magnum have soft
dependencies on it.

Is the problem perhaps that no one is aware of other projects using
Barbican? Is the status on the project navigator alarming (it looks
like some of this information is potentially out of date)? Has
Barbican been deemed too hard to deploy?

I really want to understand why so many projects feel the need to
implement their own secrets storage. This seems a bit short-sighted
and foolish. While these projects are making themselves easier to
deploy, if not done properly they are potentially endangering their
users and that seems like a bigger problem than deploying Barbican to

Ian Cordasco
Glance, Hacking, Bandit, and Craton core reviewer

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