[openstack-dev] [blazar] Yesterday's meeting summary

Hiroaki Kobayashi kobayashi.hiroaki at lab.ntt.co.jp
Wed Jan 11 03:23:40 UTC 2017

Hi blazar folks,

I share a summary of yesterday's blazar meeting because
some parts of a meeting log was lost due to a bot failure.

# Action items

1. Share information about PTG if there are any update. (All)

2. List ideas for a presentation at Boston Summit
      by the next meeting. (All)

3. Continue action items from a previous meeting on Dec 20 (All)

4. Check new features related to OPNFV Promise (All)
      L139- at https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Blazar_status_2016

# Agreed

* Merge the patch 406009 not to grow the pile of patches and
     drastically redesign the instance reservation in the long term.

* Clean up current reviews related to tempest.

* Decide when to update the namespace after current in-review
     patches are merged.

Best regards,

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