[openstack-dev] [tripleo] Removing old baremetal commands from python-tripleoclient

Ben Nemec openstack at nemebean.com
Mon Dec 18 18:34:04 UTC 2017

On 12/17/2017 05:55 PM, Tony Breeds wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 15, 2017 at 01:04:52PM +0100, Dmitry Tantsur wrote:
>> On 12/15/2017 04:49 AM, Tony Breeds wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>>       In review I01837a9daf6f119292b5a2ffc361506925423f11 I updated
>>> ValidateInstackEnv to handle the case when then instackenv.json file
>>> needs to represent a node that deosn't require a pm_user for IMPI to
>>> work.
>>> It turns out that I foudn that code path with grep rather than the
>>> result of a deploy step failing.  That's becuase it's only used for a
>>> command that isn't used anymore, and the validation logic has been moved
>>> to a mistral action.
>>> That lead me to look at which of the commands in that file aren't needed
>>> anymore.  If my analysis is correct we have the collowing commands:
>>> openstack baremetal instackenv validate:
>>>       tripleoclient.v1.baremetal:ValidateInstackEnv
>>>       NOT Deprecated
>> See below, it can be fixed. But I'd really prefer us to roll it into
>> something like "openstack overcloud node import --validate-only".
> I can look at that.  I suspect it'd be a trivial wrapper aroudn the
> existing code in tripleo-common
>>> openstack baremetal import:
>>>       tripleoclient.v1.baremetal:ImportBaremetal
>>>       DEPRECATED in b272a5c6 2017-01-03
>>>       New command: openstack overcloud node import
>>> openstack baremetal introspection bulk start:
>>>       tripleoclient.v1.baremetal:StartBaremetalIntrospectionBulk
>>>       DEPRECATED in b272a5c6 2017-01-03
>>>       New command: openstack overcloud node introspect
>>> openstack baremetal introspection bulk status:
>>>       tripleoclient.v1.baremetal:StatusBaremetalIntrospectionBulk
>>>       NOT Deprecated
>>> openstack baremetal configure ready state:
>>>       tripleoclient.v1.baremetal:ConfigureReadyState
>>>       NOT Deprecated
>>> openstack baremetal configure boot:
>>>       tripleoclient.v1.baremetal:ConfigureBaremetalBoot
>>>       DEPRECATED in b272a5c6 2017-01-03
>>>       New command: openstack overcloud node configure
>> YES PLEASE to all of this. The "baremetal" part make users often confuse
>> these commands with ironicclient commands.
> Okay so it's trivial to remove the deprecated commands but is it okay to
> just drop the commands that haven't been deprecated?

I would say no to just dropping them.  However, in the context of what 
you're doing there's also no need to make them work with multi-arch. 
That's assuming we deprecate them now, of course, which we should do 
ASAP.  Deprecated commands should not be expected to work with new 

> I guess I'll propose a change and we can hash it out on the
>>> So my questions are basically:
>>> 1) Can we remove the deprecated code?
>>> 2) Does leaving the not deprecated commands make sesne?
>>> 3) Should we deprecate the remaining commands?
>>> 3) Do I need to update ValidateInstackEnv or is it okay for it to be
>>>      busted for my use case?
>> I'm sorry for not getting to it ever, but the fix should be quite simple.
>> You need to drop all its code from tripleoclient and make it use this
>> workflow instead: https://github.com/openstack/tripleo-common/blob/master/workbooks/baremetal.yaml#L103.
>> It is much newer, and is actually used in enrollment as well. If it is also
>> broken for you - please fix it. But the code in tripleoclient is long rotten
>> :)
> I have a patch to fix the triple-common code also.  And I'm very happy
> to focus on that :)
> Yours Tony.
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