[openstack-dev] [masakari] problems starting up masakari instance monitoring in devstack @ master

Waines, Greg Greg.Waines at windriver.com
Wed Dec 6 13:48:31 UTC 2017

I am just getting started working with masakari.
I am working on master.

I have setup Masakari in Devstack (see details at end of email) ... which starts up masakari-engine and masakari-api processes.

I have git cloned the masakari-monitors and started them up (roughly) following the instructions at https://github.com/openstack/masakari-monitors .
# install & startup monitors
git clone https://github.com/openstack/masakari-monitors.git
cd masakari-monitors
sudo python setup.py install
sudo mkdir /etc/masakarimonitors
sudo cp ~/masakari-monitors/etc/masakarimonitors/hostmonitor.conf.sample /etc/masakarimonitors/hostmonitor.conf
sudo cp ~/masakari-monitors/etc/masakarimonitors/processmonitor.conf.sample /etc/masakarimonitors/processmonitor.conf
sudo cp ~/masakari-monitors/etc/masakarimonitors/proc.list.sample /etc/masakarimonitors/proc.list
cd ~/masakari-monitors/masakarimonitors/cmd
sudo masakari-processmonitor.sh /etc/masakarimonitors/processmonitor.conf /etc/masakarimonitors/proc.list &
sudo masakari-hostmonitor.sh /etc/masakarimonitors/hostmonitor.conf &
sudo /usr/bin/python ./instancemonitor.py &

However the instancemonitor.py starts and exits ... and does not appear to start any process(es) ... with no error messages and no log file.

Is this the correct way to startup masakari instance monitoring ?


My Masakari setup in Devstack

sudo useradd -s /bin/bash -d /opt/stack -m stack
echo "stack ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL" | sudo tee /etc/sudoers.d/stack
sudo su - stack

git clone https://github.com/openstack-dev/devstack
cd devstack

                                                local.conf file:
# setup Neutron services
disable_service n-net
enable_service q-svc
enable_service q-agt
enable_service q-dhcp
enable_service q-l3
enable_service q-meta
# ceilometer
enable_plugin ceilometer https://git.openstack.org/openstack/ceilometer
enable_plugin aodh https://git.openstack.org/openstack/aodh
# heat
enable_plugin heat https://git.openstack.org/openstack/heat
# vitrage
enable_plugin vitrage https://git.openstack.org/openstack/vitrage
enable_plugin vitrage-dashboard https://git.openstack.org/openstack/vitrage-dashboard
# masakari
enable_plugin masakari git://git.openstack.org/openstack/masakari


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