[openstack-dev] [keystone] Keystone weekly update - Week of 27 November 2017

Colleen Murphy colleen at gazlene.net
Fri Dec 1 16:09:59 UTC 2017

In the "Making OpenStack More Palatable to Part-Time Contributors"
Forum session in Sydney, one barrier to contribution that came up was
keeping up with everything happening in OpenStack. The dev mailing
list is a firehose and IRC can be just as daunting, especially for
contributors in non-Americas timezones. The current time of the weekly
team meeting basically excludes a third of the world from
participating. I don't propose we stop having them, but it would be
good to try to be a little more inclusive. Following the lead of some
of the other folks in our community, I propose we consolidate the
mailing list discussions, IRC meetings, and general discussions in a
weekly update, just to share what we've been up to and what's
important to know.

I don't guarantee I'll get to this every week but I'll make an effort.
Please feel free to provide feedback on what you think would be useful
to see in a newsletter like this. If you want to help out, I created
an etherpad - feel free to help fill in the sections or edit the
template itself.


Without further ado, here's what's been going on this week from my perspective:

# Keystone Team Update - Week of 27 November 2017

## News

Next week we'll use the meeting time to have a video conference to do
a milestone retrospective for Queens-2:


We abandoned some very old patches in gerrit. If we abandoned one that
we shouldn't have, come talk to us:


We used the last weekly keystone meeting to talk about open specs. In
particular we talked about the Unified Limits spec and what the
implications are for requiring a region ID in order to create a
registered limit:


In the weekly policy meeting we talked about using the next round of
community goals to get projects using the new system scope, but
decided that we'd like to have a couple of early adopters before
proposing it community-wide and so we'll likely hold off on proposing
it until the following cycle. We did decide that we could start a
community-wide discussion on defining a set of default-roles by
proposing a cross-project spec.


## Open Specs

Search query: https://goo.gl/pc8cCf

We only have one spec proposed for Queens still under review:

Limits API: https://review.openstack.org/455709

## Recently Merged Changes

Search query: https://goo.gl/hdD9Kw

We merged 24 changes this week. Notably, we merged a few Queens specs
and some policy roadmaps:

Repropose application credentials to queens: https://review.openstack.org/512505
Specification for system roles: https://review.openstack.org/460344
Outline policy goals: https://review.openstack.org/460344
Add policy roadmap for security: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/462733/

## Changes that need Attention

Search query:https://goo.gl/YiLt6o

There are 51 changes that are passing CI and have no negative reviews,
so these authors are waiting for feedback from reviewers. Please give
them a look.

That doesn't mean you should ignore changes that are failing CI or
have negative reviews, it's just that the changes highlighted here are
more likely to be in the reviewers' court rather than a requiring a
new revision from the author. Sometimes negative votes are misplaced
or CI needs to be fixed project-wide so this doesn't necessarily mean
that this list is the only one to mind.

## Milestone Outlook


Queens-2 is next week. That means the specification freeze is on
December 8 and all Queens specifications must be merged by then or
will be pushed to the next release. The only open spec affected by
this is the Limits API spec.

## Shout-outs

wangxiyuan has been doing a ton of awesome work squashing our bugs and
taking on the Unified Limits feature. Thanks wangxiyuan!

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