[openstack-dev] [keystone] office hours report 2017-08-08

Lance Bragstad lbragstad at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 01:22:05 UTC 2017

Hi all,

Today we had good focus on RC1 bugs. We spent most of the keystone
meeting and all of office hours discussing or reviewing fixes. Full logs
can be found at the bottom of the note [0]. Here's a summary of what we

Bug #1674676 in OpenStack Identity (keystone): "The URL listed against
the details of identity resources returns 404 Not Found error"
gagehugo picked up this work and submitted a patch for review.

Bug #1689644 in OpenStack Identity (keystone): "Keystone does not report
microversion headers"
Since keystone doesn't support microversions, it was determined that it
doesn't make sense for keystone to emit microversion headers and mislead
users. We documented the outcome of this discussion in the bug and we're
going to pick it back up in Denver at the PTG.

Bug #1694525 in OpenStack Identity (keystone): "keystone reports 404
User Not Found during grenade tests"
This issue hasn't surfaced in a while and we decided to mark it as
Invalid. In the event it resurfaces, we will reopen and investigate, but
for now this isn't something we're going to hold the release up over.

Bug #1705072 in OpenStack Identity (keystone): "clearing default
project_id from users using wrong driver implementation"
Proposed a fix to close this issue, ready for review.

Bug #1673157 in OpenStack Identity (keystone): "type: local must be set
in order to get domain parsed when mapping federated users"
Reviewed and merged a fix to close this issue.

Bug #1692090 in OpenStack Identity (keystone): "_dn_to_id ignores
Discussed and determined this is likely an issue that can be fixed with
configuration. Responded asking for more configuration information.

Bug #1696308 in OpenStack Identity (keystone): "list revoked tokens API
returns 500 when pki_setup is not run"
Linked to a fix in review.

Bug #1700852 in OpenStack Identity (keystone): "Slow listing projects
for user with many role assignments"
Proposed a fix and updated based on reviews.

With that, every reproducible issue that we've targeted to rc1 has a fix
in flight. By the EOD tomorrow we should be nearly ready to cut rc1.


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