[openstack-dev] [mistral][heat][tripleo][trove][murano][solum][tacker] Releasing python-mistralclient 3.1.2

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Tue Aug 8 10:45:38 UTC 2017

Renat Akhmerov wrote:
> [...]
> So long story short, this change will affect your project only if you
> use “mistral action-execution-list” CLI command because now this command
> will be returning by default only 100 entries (to return all
> “--limit=-1” needs to be passed).

A number of projects depend on python-mistralclient:

 openstack/python-tripleoclient                [cycle-trailing]
 openstack/python-troveclient                  [cycle-with-intermediary]
 openstack/heat                                [cycle-with-milestones]
 openstack/mistral                             [cycle-with-milestones]
 openstack/murano                              [cycle-with-milestones]
 openstack/solum                               [cycle-with-intermediary]
 openstack/tacker                              [cycle-with-intermediary]
 openstack/instack-undercloud                  [cycle-with-intermediary]
 openstack/mistral-dashboard                   [None]
 openstack/openstackclient                     [None]
 openstack/python-openstackclient              [cycle-with-intermediary]
 openstack/tripleo-common                      [cycle-trailing]

However, I suspect none of those go through the CLI, so they likely
won't be affected by the proposed change and could still depend on
>=3.1.1 (therefore avoiding re-releases). Could you have a quick look at
those and confirm that ?

> We at Nokia need this fix released in Pike because we need to trigger
> updates of RDO packages used in our system.

Since this change affects behavior, it's better to do it before Pike
release than after Pike release as a stable point update. So if my hunch
on CLI usage above is right, then I would rather grant the library
release freeze exception now.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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