[openstack-dev] [tc][packaging][deb] retiring Packaging Deb project

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Thu Aug 3 14:57:49 UTC 2017

Excerpts from Allison Randal's message of 2017-08-03 10:09:59 -0400:
> Hi all,
> The Debian OpenStack packagers are gathered at the annual Debian
> developer event, and discussing the future of OpenStack packaging for
> Debian. There's general agreement that we'd like to go ahead and package
> Pike, but also agreement that we'd like to move back to the Debian
> infrastructure for doing packaging work. There are a variety of reasons,
> including that:
> - Using the familiar Debian workflows and infrastructure is a better way
> to attract experienced Debian developers to the work, and
> - The way we set up the Debian packaging workflow on OpenStack Infra was
> a temporary compromise, and not really a good fit for OpenStack Infra
> (or for Debian).

Moving to more standard Debian workflows and infrastructure make a lot
of sense. If there are tools to be shared, those don't necessarily have
to live on an openstack.org git repo to be useful.

> As a result of the change, we'd like to retire the Packaging Deb
> project in OpenStack, and there will be no candidate running for Queens
> PTL for the project. There will be some cleanup work to do, around
> deb-* repos and other aspects of the Debian packaging workflow we set up
> with OpenStack Infra, following the standard retirement procedures:
> https://docs.openstack.org/infra/manual/drivers.html#retiring-a-project
> The OpenStack installation tutorial for Debian will remain in OpenStack,
> and we'll update it for Pike.

To be clear, there is no longer one installation guide. As part of
the doc-migration project, most of the content has moved into project
trees. Some is still being moved, and some shared content related
to tasks such as installing foundation services like rabbit is in
the openstack-manuals repository.

https://docs.openstack.org/pike/install/ links to all the published
installation guides. We do not currently have separate pages that link
to the relevant sections for a given OS.


> If you have any concerns about the retirement, please let us know
> (especially other distros that use .deb format packages), we'll wait a
> bit for feedback before moving ahead with the cleanup.
> Thanks,
> Allison

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