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I would like to nominate myself for the TripleO PTL role for the Queens cycle.

I have been a contributor to various OpenStack projects since Liberty. I have spent most of my time working on the deployment of OpenStack and with the engineers who deploy it.  As many of you know, I believe the projects we work on should simplify workflows and improve the end user's lives. During my time as Puppet OpenStack PTL, I have promoted efforts to simplify and establishing reusable patterns and best practices. I feel confident that TripleO is on the right path and hope to continue to lead it in the right direction.

For the last few cycles we have moved TripleO forwards and improved not only TripleO itself, but have provided additional tooling around deploying and managing OpenStack. As we look forward to the Queens cycle, it is imporant to recognize the work we have done and can continue to improve on.

* Improving deployment of containerized services.
  We started the effort to switch over to containerized services being deployed
  with TripleO as part of the Pike cycle and we need to finalize the last few
  services. As we start the transition to including Kubernetes, we need to be
  mindful of the transition and make sure we evaluate and leverage already
  existing solutions.
* Continue making the deployers' lives easier.
  The recent cycles have been full of efforts to allow users to do more with
  TripleO. With the work to expose composable roles, composable networks and
  containerization we have added additional flexibility for the deployment
  engineers to be able to build out architectures needed for the end user.
  That being said, there are still efforts to be done to make the deployment
  process less error prone and more user friendly.
* Continued improvement of CI
  The process to transition over to tripleo-quickstart has made excellent
  progress over the last few cycles. We need to continue to refine the steps
  to ensure that Developers can reuse the work and be able to quickly and
  easily troubleshoot when things break down.  Additionally we need to make
  sure that we can classify repeated failures and work to address them quickly
  as to not hold up bugs and features.
* Improve visibility of the project status
  As part of the Queens cycle, I would like to devote some time into capturing
  metrics and information about the status of the various projects under the
  TripleO umbrella. We've been doing lots of work but it I think it would be
  beneficial for us to know where this work has been occurring. I'm hoping to
  work on some of the reporting around the status of our CI, bugs and reviews
  to be able to see where we could use some more efforts to hopefully improve
  our development velocities.

Alex Schultz
irc: mwhahaha

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