[openstack-dev] [tc][election] Questions for Candidates

Kendall Nelson kennelson11 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 12 16:19:55 UTC 2017

Hello Candidates!

You all have proven yourselves to be crucial parts of the community and I
just wanted to say good luck to each one of you in the upcoming election!

Also though, I thought it might be good to ask a few more questions. It's
easy to talk about what you all want to champion on the TC and about the
ideal breakdown of how you want to spend your time, but it's much harder to
answer questions that might highlight some of the daily struggles. So!
Interview time:

-What is one trait you have that makes it difficult to work in groups like
the TC and how do you counteract it?

- What do you see as the biggest roadblock in the upcoming releases for the

And one lighthearted question:

-What is your favorite thing about OpenStack?

Thank you for your answers!

-Kendall Nelson
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