[openstack-dev] [tempest][qa][ironic][nova] When Nova should mark instance as successfully deleted?

Lucas Alvares Gomes lucasagomes at gmail.com
Fri May 27 13:25:06 UTC 2016


Thanks for bringing this up Vasyl!

> At the moment Nova with ironic virt_driver consider instance as deleted,
> while on Ironic side server goes to cleaning which can take a while. As
> result current implementation of Nova tempest tests doesn't work for case
> when Ironic is enabled.
> There are two possible options how to fix it:
>  Update Nova tempest test scenarios for Ironic case to wait when cleaning is
> finished and Ironic node goes to 'available' state.
> Mark instance as deleted in Nova only after cleaning is finished on Ironic
> side.
> I'm personally incline to 2 option. From user side successful instance
> termination means that no instance data is available any more, and nobody
> can access/restore that data. Current implementation breaks this rule.
> Instance is marked as successfully deleted while in fact it may be not
> cleaned, it may fail to clean and user will not know anything about it.

I don't really like option #2, cleaning can take several hours
depending on the configuration of the node. I think that it would be a
really bad experience if the user of the cloud had to wait a really
long time before his resources are available again once he deletes an
instance. The idea of marking the instance as deleted in Nova quickly
is aligned with our idea of making bare metal deployments
look-and-feel like VMs for the end user. And also (one of) the
reason(s) why we do have a separated state in Ironic for DELETING and

I think we should go with #1, but instead of erasing the whole disk
for real maybe we should have a "fake" clean step that runs quickly
for tests purposes only?


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