[openstack-dev] [Keystone] Welcome Keystone to the World of Python 3

Doug Hellmann doug at doughellmann.com
Mon May 23 14:54:12 UTC 2016

Excerpts from Morgan Fainberg's message of 2016-05-20 20:58:00 -0700:
> We've gone through all of our test cases and all of our code base. At this
> point Keystone is no longer skipping any of the tests (which do tend to
> test the entire request stack) and we are properly gating on being
> Python3.4 compatible.
> I want to thank everyone who has put in effort in the last few weeks to
> punt the last of the patches though the gate. It would not have been doable
> without those hacking on LdapPool, doing test cleanup, and those
> reviewing/trying the code out.
> If you run across issues with Keystone and Python3, please let us know.
> A sincere thanks to the entire Keystone team involved in this multicycle
> effort.
> --Morgan

Is this for unit or functional tests?


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