[openstack-dev] [All] Finish test job transition to Ubuntu Xenial

Clark Boylan cboylan at sapwetik.org
Mon Dec 5 21:53:09 UTC 2016

On Mon, Nov 7, 2016, at 01:48 PM, Clark Boylan wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> The infra team would really like to get the Ubuntu Xenial for testing
> transition completed early this cycle. We are planning to switch any
> jobs that remain on Ubuntu Trusty but should be on Ubuntu Xenial on
> December 6, 2016. That gives us about a month from today to more
> gracefully migrate jobs while still getting it done early enough in the
> cycle to fix any issues and put it behind us. Would be great for project
> teams to test if their jobs run on Xenial and propose updates to
> openstack-infra/project-config as necessary to switch to Ubuntu Xenial.

As a heads up the Infra team has begun pushing changes to start this
work. The vast majority of them likely won't start merging until
tomorrow, however you may start to see changes going in particularly for
experimental and non voting jobs.

Thank you to all the teams that got ahead of this and worked to make the
transition earlier.

One thing that pops out at me as we go through this work is that we have
a lot of experimental and non voting jobs that need to be updated.
Considering that experimental jobs in particular and often non voting
jobs are supposed to be works in progress to get to voting, does the
lack of interest in updating these from the projects themselves imply
the jobs are dead and not needed? Maybe we should be doing cleanup of
old forgotten experimental and non voting jobs that aren't being used?

Thank you,

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