[openstack-dev] [glance] priorities for the coming week

Brian Rosmaita rosmaita.fossdev at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 01:54:59 UTC 2016

This is aimed particularly at Glance core reviewers, many of whom have
been very quiet lately.  Ideally, people will reply to this message
saying "I've got #2", for example, so that we don't duplicate efforts.

As discussed at the Glance weekly meeting yesterday, the priorities for
12/1 through 12/8 are:

Highest priority:

(1) rolling upgrades spec:
Stuart is actively reviewing, we need someone else to step up (Hemanth
and I are co-authors, so neither of us can +2).  It would be good to
have a non-Rackspace person so we don't get too inbred on this thing.

(2) database strategy for rolling upgrades:
Again, Hemanth and I are co-authors of this spec and so we can't +2 it
ourselves, and non-Rackspace people would be preferable to avoid
groupthink.   (Erno has reviewed, but only put a +1 on it because he's
not comfortable with database work.)  If you want to see a video
explaining the approach and giving a demo, look at:

(3) glance expand/contract migrations with alembic:
We need another +2 on this one, preferably from a non-Rackspace person.

The above three specs need to be reviewed as soon as possible.  We are
blocking Alex and Hemanth, and O-2 is fast approaching.

Really high priority (would be highest if the specs were already approved):

(4) Patch to fix a glance_store regression:
and patch to prevent a related backend misconfiguration:

(5) Patch to enable better request-id tracking:
This will be nice for operators, let's get it reviewed and merged!

(6) Request for some insights and opinions for bug

Please take a look:
(7) glanceclient problem: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/319960/


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