[openstack-dev] [all][massively distributed][architecture]Coordination between actions/WGs

Joshua Harlow harlowja at fastmail.com
Tue Aug 30 01:09:56 UTC 2016


>  From a brief look, it seems like vCPE is more along the lines of the
> customer having a "thin" device on their premise and their (now
> virtual) network functions, eg. firewall, live in the providers data
> center over a private link created by that thin device. So having a
> hypervisor on a customer premise is probably not what most telecoms
> would consider vCPE [1].
> But in my (limited) example, I'm not talking about managing that thin
> device, I am thinking of a hypervisor or two instead in a customer
> premise, or remote location, that is controlled by some (magic?)
> remote nova, and yeah, would have access to glance, etc, to deploy
> instances, basically as a way of avoiding running an OpenStack control
> plane there. But not so much in the way of managing upgrades of the
> software on that virtual machine on that hypervisor or anything, just
> acting as IaaS.

So what/who is the cloud user in this case? It almost seems like there 
isn't much of a user (in the sense of a customer, like say myself) 
involved in this equation. Instead there is really the providers user 
that is issuing these commands and not much else? Is the user the 
provider themselves (so they can take advantage of the under-utilized 
resources on customer premise)?

> Thanks,
> Curtis.
> [1]: Pg. 48 - http://innovation.verizon.com/content/dam/vic/PDF/Verizon_SDN-NFV_Reference_Architecture.pdf

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