[openstack-dev] [Heat][Horizon] Any guidelines for naming heat resource type names?

Praveen Yalagandula ypraveen at avinetworks.com
Tue Aug 16 21:43:25 UTC 2016

Hi all,
We have developed some heat resources for our custom API server. We
followed the instructions in the development guide at
http://docs.openstack.org/developer/heat/pluginguide.html and got
everything working. However, the Horizon "Resource Types" panel is
returning a 500 error with "TemplateSyntaxError: u'resource'" message.

Upon further debugging, we found that the Horizon is expecting all Heat
resource type names to be of form
<implementation>::<component>::<resource>. However, we didn't see this
requirement in the heat development documents. Some of our resource types
have just two words (e.g., "Avi::Pool"). Heat itself didn't care about
these names at all.

Question: Is there a general consensus is to enforce the
format for type names?
If so, can we please update the heat plugin guide to reflect this?
If not, we can file it is as a bug in Horizon.

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