[openstack-dev] [octavia] Multi-node controller testing

Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo majopela at redhat.com
Mon Aug 8 12:04:39 UTC 2016

Recently, I sent a series of patches [1] to make it easier for
developers to deploy a multi node octavia controller with
n_controllers x [api, cw, hm, hk] with an haproxy in front of the API.

Since this is the way the service is designed to work (with horizontal
scalability in mind), and we want to have a good guarantee that any
bug related to such configuration is found early, and addressed, I was
thinking that an extra job that runs a two node controller deployment
could be beneficial for the project.

If we all believe it makes sense, I would be willing to take on this
work but I'd probably need some pointers and light help, since I've
never dealt with setting up or modifying existing jobs.

How does this sound?

[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:merged+project:openstack/octavia+branch:master+topic:multinode-devstack

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