[openstack-dev] [tripleo] Progress on undercloud-upgrade CI job

Emilien Macchi emilien at redhat.com
Wed Aug 3 15:58:17 UTC 2016


For those who missed that, I am currently working on getting an
upstream CI job that will test an undercloud upgrade (from Mitaka to

I am trying to get this procedure done the right way so any user
outside CI will be able to out-of-the-box upgrade TripleO undercloud.

Right now, here is the work in progress:

- instack-undercloud: implement pre_upgrade hook when deploying undercloud
This patch will allow us to run custom things before (or even after) an upgrade.
Before, we tried to do it in tripleoclient, but it was wrong. Actions
should be executed by undercloud code itself.
For now, it's pretty basic, we just stop the service before the
upgrade, but this is a first iteration and we will work on making it

- tripleoclient: update CLI when upgrading undercloud, to run "yum
update" of instack dependencies.
This patch will consider that we updated the repository previously and
update all TripleO dependencies will be updated by tripleoclient
before redeploying the undercloud.
Any suggestion to move this code is welcome but this is AFIK the best
place for now.

- tripleo-ci: test the upgrade itself
It is testing the upgrade with this process:
* deploy Mitaka undercloud
* Update RDO repositories to deploy Newton
* run tripleoclient "openstack undercloud upgrade" (that will
re-install tripleo dependencies, see 331804)
  "openstack undercloud upgrade" will run instack-install-undercloud
(with pre_upgrade to True, by default, see 350657), so service will be
stopped and undercloud will be re-deployed.
* run undercloud sanity check to validate all works.

I tested this workflow and I managed to successfully upgrade an
undercloud from Mitaka to Newton.
Now I need your feedback and reviews on the patches we are working on.

Finally, this is the spec Ben has been working on:
And all of the process previously described fits with what we want in
the blueprint.

Thanks for your help,
Emilien Macchi

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