[openstack-dev] [kolla] Deploying kolla from a container?

Jamie Hannaford jamie.hannaford at rackspace.com
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Okay, that makes sense. For a normal Ubuntu VM (in my case on Rackspace cloud), what would the networking configuration look like? Usually eth0 is the interface for the public internet, eth1 is servicenet, and I have eth2 as an arbitrary neutron private network.

For the `network_interface` config value I used eth2 and for `kolla_internal_vip_address` a free VIP on its subnet - does that sound right?

For `neutron_external_interface`, it says in your dev guide that you can use a veth pair when there's only a single public interface on a machine, which is the case here. Is there any documentation available for how to do that?


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So privileged containers are required by stuff like libvirt, and there isn't much we can do about it. Shared /run is required by openvswitch afair. We didn't try to run Kolla with swarm, but I'm afraid that privileged container and network host are unfortunately a must. OpenStack wasn't really build to be run in containers, so we had to make sacrifices here and there. We are experimenting with kubernates now, as it supports both priv containers and net host.

Let me know what if I can be any help.


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Is it possible to deploy Kolla from a container rather than an ubuntu/centos VM? I have a Swarm cluster, so I don't really want to leave that ecosystem and start creating other cloud resources.

I got quite far with the dev guide, but the step which seems to throw a spanner in the works is setting the ?MountFlags. You recommend either systemd (15.04+) or `mount --make-shared /run` (14.04), both of which require a container running in privileged mode, which I can't do on my swarm cluster. Is there any workaround here?

Alternatively, is it possible to run a privileged container locally in virtualbox and have it deploy to a remote Swarm cluster?

Any advice you have here would be really appreciated. Kolla looks like a great project!


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