[openstack-dev] [Fuel] Fuel 9.0 is released

Daniele Pizzolli daniele.pizzolli at create-net.org
Mon Apr 25 16:33:14 UTC 2016

On Mon, Apr 25 2016, you wrote:

> Can we support alternative way to download ISO since p2p may be prevented in some company IT?


It is supported... but not advertised. I am not sure if this is by
purpose (maybe because in http there is no additional checksum, see
later for offline verification). For example to download:


you can use http:


You can get the links by yourself, by getting the torrent and for
example using:

set -- fuel-community-9.0.iso.torrent
aria2c --show-files -- "$1" \
    | awk '/^[a-zA-Z]/{p=0};/^URL List:/{q=1};/^ http/{p=1};p&&q{print $1}'

Sorry for the heavy awk usage... I do not know a simple way to print
them!  Maybe some bittorrent client has an option for that.

If you are able to get the torrent file, you can also verify the
checksum off line, for example by using btcheck.

> Thanks,


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