[openstack-dev] [release][requirements][packaging][summit] input needed on summit discussion about global requirements

Tony Breeds tony at bakeyournoodle.com
Thu Apr 21 03:44:20 UTC 2016

On Thu, Apr 21, 2016 at 02:09:24PM +1200, Robert Collins wrote:

> I also argued at the time that we should aim for entirely automated
> check-and-update. This has stalled on not figuring out how to run e.g.
> Neutron unit tests against requirements changes - our coverage is just
> too low at the moment to proceed further down the automation path.

I thought we knew how to do this just is hadn't been done.  I *think* mostly
because it's a largish project-config change.

Aiming to entirely automated is great but getting it to the point that we run
(say) the nova, neutron, keystone, swift and horizon unit tests on *all*
changes to upper-constraints would be fantastic and something I'm keen to work
on during newton (as I suspect others are)

On a tangent, we also need to get wider adoption for constraints, I admit I
wasn't paying close attention but I thought this was basically the default.  It
seems I was wrong :(

Yours Tony.
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