[openstack-dev] [Glance] Announcing Newton mid-cycle meetup

Nikhil Komawar nik.komawar at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 19:58:32 UTC 2016

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce that the Glance mid-cycle meetup for Newton
will be held Wednesday-Friday, June 15-17 2016 in Cambridge, MA, USA at
the VMwareoffice. We are sending this notice in advance to help you plan
your travel early. Whether you work in/with Glance community on a
regular basis, attempting to get a spec approved for Newton or just want
to get involved, you are welcome to attend this event. However, we will
need to count the participation early and RSVP will be done using the
etherpad [1]. This etherpad should be considered as a live wiki
throughout the planning, execution and conclusion of the event where we
will be recording important information including venue address, hotel
tips, RSVP, schedule, sessions & their description, etc.

This will be an important event for Glance community as we will most
likely be discussing updates on some of the ongoing work of Import
refactor, Nova related changes for Glance, Glare, etc. Please try to
work with your respective organizations to make it to the event. We will
also try our best to get some video conferencing capability setup for
those who won't be able to attend in person.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the summit and thereafter in
Cambridge, MA.

Note to wiki moderators: This has been updated here [2]

[1] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/newton-glance-midcycle-meetup
[2] https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Sprints#Newton_sprints



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