[openstack-dev] [magnum][requirements][release] The introduction of package py2-ipaddress

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Mon Apr 11 09:27:42 UTC 2016

Hongbin Lu wrote:
> Hi requirements team,
> In short, the recently introduced package py2-ipaddress [1] seems to
> break Magnum. In details, Magnum gate recently broke by an error:
> “'\xac\x18\x05\x07' does not appear to be an IPv4 or IPv6 address” [2]
> (the gate breakage has been temporarily fixed but we are looking for a
> permanent fix [3]). After investigation, I opened a ticket in
> Cryptography for help [4]. According to the feedback from Cryptography
> community, the problem is from py2-address, which was introduced to
> OpenStack recently [1].
> I wonder if we can get any advice from requirements team in this
> regards. In particular, what is the proper way to handle the problematic
> package?
> [1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/302539/
> [2] https://bugs.launchpad.net/magnum/+bug/1568212
> [3] https://bugs.launchpad.net/magnum/+bug/1568427
> [4] https://github.com/pyca/cryptography/issues/2870

py2-ipaddress was introduced as a dependency by docker-py 1.8.0.
Short-term solution would be to cap <1.8.0 in global-requirements (which 
will make us fallback to 1.7.2 and remove py2-ipaddress).

If the two modules are conflicting we should determine which one is the 
best and converge to it. ipaddress seems a lot more used and pulled by a 
lot of packages. So long-term solution would be to make docker-py 
upstream depend on ipaddress instead...

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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