[openstack-dev] Constant attempts from Matthew Kassawara to remove Debian from the install-guide

Lana Brindley openstack at lanabrindley.com
Sat Apr 9 04:33:10 UTC 2016

On 09/04/16 10:05, Anne Gentle wrote:
> Okay. I'll try to propose an idea.
> In the Mitaka install spec review, [1] I asked if the drama was worth the extra effort to remove. Personally I don't believe so, having refereed this discussion for years now.
> I think you're both reasonable people and do believe in OpenStack. You both want it to succeed, yet for the particular goals of the install guide you haven't come to consensus. That's fine.

Anne has, as usual, stated my opinion much more eloquently than I ever would be able to. Thomas and Matt, this has been an ongoing feud since well before I was around, and while I understand we're not there yet, every release brings us so much closer to an Install Guide solution that will work for everyone. Not just to get a Debian Install Guide published, but to get an Install Guide that covers every project in the big tent. This conversation, and the many other conversations we have had on this topic over the past few months will again form a large part of the agenda at the design summit, and I look forward to being able to hash this out in more detail then.

> I have another idea for a way forward that doesn't require consensus across teams. Now that we have the governance in place for debian packaging, let's move the debian install guide to a new repo that can go under the packaging project, and you can create and maintain build jobs for the debian install guide. No one will have the additional burden of maintaining conditional text. You can write what you like and publish what you want, taking responsibility for quality control and ongoing maintenance.
> Monty's the PTL for packaging-rpm. [2] Can you envision a debian-install-guide repo within the packaging-rpm team, with both a review team and bug triaging only for that repo? You'll need to work on the gate and build jobs as well, but I truly believe we have the systems in place to enable this. And with the direction of the individual projects taking responsibility for their install guides, we have a framework we're moving towards and this case seems to fit the new framework. [3]
> I think it's a great use of the time you have now, and lets us all stop losing time to the debate.



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