[openstack-dev] [devstack][neutron] Eliminating the DevStack layer

Sean M. Collins sean at coreitpro.com
Fri Apr 8 19:28:34 UTC 2016

Assaf Muller wrote:
> I do want to say that ML2's "mechanism_drivers" option probably does
> not have a default for the same reason we do not have a default for
> the core_plugin value, we don't want to play favorites. From Neutron's
> point of view, ignoring the existence of Devstack and upstream CI, I
> think that makes sense.

True, I do see your point.

I do however think, that if you do pick the ML2 plugin as your
core_plugin, it should have some mechanism drivers enabled by default. You
shouldn't have to pick core_plugin, then be forced to pick
mechanism_drivers. I'd rather see some mechanism_drivers already
enabled, and if you have a difference in opinion, set mechanism_drivers
in your local.conf.

Sean M. Collins

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