[openstack-dev] Searching with the Summit Schdule App

Anita Kuno anteaya at anteaya.info
Fri Apr 1 17:59:01 UTC 2016

My preference when consuming the schedule for the Design Summit is to
see an entire project track in one view. I was unable to figure out how
to accomplish this by clicking things on
(the link ttx had provided for the design summit in the -dev channel).

I filed this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-org/+bug/1565018
and then learned from fungi who was relaying a message from one of the
web developers for the app that if you search on <project-name>: that
this returns the events for that project's track in the Design Summit,
not the Conference or anything else.

Remove that colon (:) and you get every hit for the project name in your

It sounds like the web team is working on making this discoverable for
Barcelona so I thought more folks than just me would like to know about
this for Austin. (That and save the web team from having to explain it
over and over.)

Thank you,

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