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Steven Dake (stdake) stdake at cisco.com
Tue Sep 29 23:13:02 UTC 2015

Hello Peers,

I would be pleased to serve on the Technical Committee with your vote.  I have a very relevant background to serving you in the Technical Committee in that I have done the following during OpenStack development:

  1.  Led the development, incubation, and integration of Heat for the first project to enter what would be a precursor to the Big Tent.
  2.  Wrote most of the initial commits and contributed heavily to the first Big Tent project Magnum.
  3.  Solving the most complex problem OpenStack faces, Deploying the Big Tent, by serving as PTL of Kolla which I have led from first commit through the Big Tent process.
  4.  Top 10 contributor by Person-day effort for Liberty.  Top 1% by Person-day effort  for Kilo.  Top 1% by Person-day effort for OpenStack project overall.

My experience with Heat, Magnum, and Kolla directly relate to the Technical Committee's charter which is to serve as technical oversight for the OpenStack project.  I am highly interested in growth management of my peers and the systems and people I involve myself with.  I believe it is one of the core responsibilities of the Technical Committee to provide effective growth management for the OpenStack ecosystem, in partnership with the OpenStack Board.

I can confirm that the original incubation track that Heat executed was highly painful and very challenging.  It was not very inclusive, not documented, and highly subjective.

The new Big Tent process is far improved.  It is almost completely objective and measurable which in my opinion leads to high growth in individuals and systems during their evaluation.

Most of the work the Technical Committee has done over the last year has been to make OpenStack more obecjtive and measureable by anyone.  I personally feel this change is fantastic and has unstuck the Technical Committeee.  This work facilitates the growth of OpenStack in general and new projects in particular.

I want to bring my experience creating new things for OpenStack to bear to create New Things for the Technical Committee to further acclerate growth.  I would happily accept your vote for the Technical Committee election.


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