[openstack-dev] [neutron][sriov] SRIOV-VM could not work well with normal VM

Moshe Levi moshele at mellanox.com
Tue Sep 22 05:24:53 UTC 2015

Hi Yujie,

There is a patch https://review.openstack.org/#/c/198736/ which I wrote to add the mac of the normal instance to 
the SR-IOV embedded switch so that the packet will go to the PF instead of going to the wire. 
This is done by using bridge tool with the command "bridge fdb add <mac> dev <interface>"

I was able to test it on Mellanox ConnectX3  card with both  vlan and flat network and it worked fine. 
I wasn't able to test it on any of the Intel cards, but I was told the it only working on flat network, in vlan network the Intel card is dropping the tagged packets and they are not go up to the VF. 

What NIC are you using? Can you try using "bridge fdb add <mac> dev <interface>" where <mac> is the mac of the normal vm and <interface> is the PF
and see if  that resolve the issue.  
Also can you check it with  flat and vlan networks.

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Hi all,
I am using neutron kilo without dvr to create sriov instance VM-A,it works well and could connect to its gateway fine.
But when I let the normal instance VM-B which in the same compute-node with VM-A ping its gateway, it failed. I capture the packet on the network-node, find the gateway already reply the ARP-reply message to VM-B. But compute-node which VM-B lives could not send the package to VM-B.
If delete VM-A and set : echo 0 >
/sys/class/enp5s0f0/device/sriov_numvfs, the problem solved.

Is it a same question with the bug: SR-IOV port doesn't reach OVS port on same compute node ?
Any suggestions will be grateful.


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