[openstack-dev] Neutron sub-project release association with Liberty?

Vadivel Poonathan vadivel.openstack at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 19:05:56 UTC 2015


Once the Neutron's sub-project is released to pyPI, where does it show that
this sub-project release is associated with Liberty release of Openstack?..
I tried to see it in the Liberty Release notes, but it doesn't have any
info about the supported/released vendor plug-ins/drivers.

I see the plug-in is listed here in the official sub-project list, but
again it is not specific to a particular release.

In the following link, i see but only some vendor plug-ins, not all is
listed here!... why only some of vendor drivers are shipped with Openstack
and not all?..

So what is the criteria to get a vendor plug-in listed on this page? or
where can i see the supported vendor plugins/drivers for a given Openstack
release (specfically Liberty) ??

Any info/link on this would be much helpful and appreciated?...

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