[openstack-dev] pci_alias

Beliveau, Ludovic Ludovic.Beliveau at windriver.com
Tue Oct 27 15:44:17 UTC 2015


I'm configuring multiple pci_alias like so:

    pci_alias=[{"vendor_id":"8086", "product_id":"0443", "name":"a1"}, {"vendor_id":"8086", "product_id":"0443", "name":"a2"}]

But I'm getting the following error when booting an instance:

ERROR (BadRequest): Invalid PCI alias definition: [{u'vendor_id': u'8086', u'product_id': u'0443', u'name': u'a1'}, {u'vendor_id': u'8086', u'product_id': u'0443', u'name': u'a2'}] is not of type 'object'

Failed validating 'type' in schema:
    {'additionalProperties': False,
     'properties': {'capability_type': {'enum': ['pci'],
                                        'type': 'string'},
                    'device_type': {'enum': ['NIC', 'ACCEL', 'GPU'],
                                    'type': 'string'},
                    'name': {'maxLength': 256,
                             'minLength': 1,
                             'type': 'string'},
                    'product_id': {'pattern': '^([\\da-fA-F]{4})$',
                                   'type': 'string'},
                    'vendor_id': {'pattern': '^([\\da-fA-F]{4})$',
                                  'type': 'string'}},
     'required': ['name'],
     'type': 'object'}

On instance:
    [{u'name': u'a1', u'product_id': u'0443', u'vendor_id': u'8086'},
     {u'name': u'a2', u'product_id': u'0443', u'vendor_id': u'8086'}] (HTTP 400) (Request-ID: req-3fe994bc-6a99-4c0c-be98-1a22703c58ee)

Based on the code, the default value for the pci_alias is an array.  So I'm expecting that defining multiple pci_alias withing an array would be supported.  Or am I missing something ?

The workaround to this issue would be to declare each pci_alias in a separate line in nova.conf:

    pci_alias={"vendor_id":"8086", "product_id":"0443", "name":"a1"}
    pci_alias={"vendor_id":"8086", "product_id":"0443", "name":"a2"}

This format is valid for a pci_passthrough_whitelist, I think for clarity and consistency they should align.

Furthermore, the nova puppet module (puppet/modules/nova/manifests/api.pp) is also expecting the pci_alias to be defined as a list.

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