[openstack-dev] [kolla] Integrating kollacli as python-kollaclient

Jeff Peeler jpeeler at redhat.com
Tue Oct 27 13:18:05 UTC 2015

+1 - I don't know why we wouldn't go forward with this plan.

On Mon, Oct 26, 2015 at 11:02 PM, Ryan Hallisey <rhallise at redhat.com> wrote:
> +1
> I think it's an excellent addition to kolla.
> I think this should help tremendously with usability and building better docs around how to use kolla.
> -Ryan
>> On Oct 23, 2015, at 5:33 PM, Harm Weites <harm at weites.com> wrote:
>> +1 this sort of stuff makes live a lot better :)
>> Swapnil Kulkarni schreef op 2015-10-23 07:08:
>>> On Thu, Oct 22, 2015 at 3:50 AM, Steven Dake (stdake)
>>> <stdake at cisco.com> wrote:
>>>> Hello Folks,
>>>> Oracle has developed a CLI tool for managing OpenStack Kolla
>>>> clusters.  Several months ago at our midcycle, the topic was
>>>> brought up an I suggested to go ahead and get started on the work.
>>>> We clearly didn't spend enough time discussing how it should be
>>>> integrated into the code base or developed or even what its features
>>>> should be, and that is my error.
>>>> What ended up happening is sort of a code dump, which is not ideal,
>>>> but I can only work so many 20 hour days ;)  I didn't believe our
>>>> community had the bandwidth to deal with integrating a CLI directly
>>>> into the tree while we were focused on our major objective of
>>>> implementing Ansible deployment of OpenStack in Docker containers.
>>>> Possibly the wrong call, but it is what it is and it is my error,
>>>> not Oracles.
>>> I think user experience will of the one of the major milestones for
>>> Kolla in Mitaka, e.g. user facing documentation, operator integration
>>> etc. a CLI would be helpful in that.
>>>> The code can be cloned from:
>>>> git clone git://oss.oracle.com/git/openstack-kollacli.git [1]
>>>> The code as is is very high quality but will likely need to go
>>>> through alot of refactoring to ReST-ify it.  There are two major
>>>> authors of the code, Borne Mace and Steve Noyes.
>>>> I'd like a majority vote from the core team as to whether we should
>>>> add this repository to our list of governed repositories in the
>>>> OpenStack Kolla governance repository here:
>>> hub.com/openstack/governance/blob/master/reference/projects.yaml#L1509
>>>> [2]
>>>> Consider this email a +1 vote from me.
>>> +1 from me
>>>> A completely separate email thread and decision will be made by the
>>>> community about core team membership changes to handle maintenance
>>>> of the code.  Assuming this code is voted into Kolla's governance,
>>>> I plan to propose Borne as a core reviewer, which will be open to
>>>> core team vote as a separate act with our 3 +1 votes no vetos within
>>>> 1 week period.  We will address that assuming a majority vote of
>>>> the code merge wins.  Steve can follow the normal processes for
>>>> joining the core team if he wishes (reviewing patches) - clearly his
>>>> code contributions are there.  Borne already does some reviews, and
>>>> although he isn't a top reviewer, he does have some contribution in
>>>> this area making it into the top 10 for the Liberty cycle.
>>>> Kolla CLI Features:
>>>> * dynamic ansible inventory manipulation via the host, group and
>>>> service commands
>>>> * ssh key push via the host setup command
>>>> * ssh key validation via the host check command
>>>> * ansible deployment via the deploy command
>>>> * property viewing and modification with the property list, set and
>>>> clear commands
>>>> * cleanup of docker containers on a single, multiple or all hosts
>>>> via the host destroy command
>>>> * debug data collection via the dump command
>>>> * configuration of openstack passwords via the password command
>>>> * Lines of python = 2700
>>>> * Lines of  test case code =  1800
>>>> * ~ 200 commits

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