[openstack-dev] Scheduler proposal

Joshua Harlow harlowja at fastmail.com
Tue Oct 13 17:17:26 UTC 2015

Clint Byrum wrote:
> Excerpts from Jeremy Stanley's message of 2015-10-13 06:13:32 -0700:
>> On 2015-10-12 20:49:44 -0700 (-0700), Joshua Harlow wrote:
>>> Does the openstack foundation have access to a scaling area that
>>> can be used by the community for this kind of experimental work?
>> The OpenStack Foundation has a staff of fewer than 20 full-time
>> employees, with a primary focus on event planning and preserving the
>> community's trademarks. If instead you mean the member companies who
>> make up the OpenStack Foundation, then I agree with the other reply
>> on the thread that it sounds like the effort already underway at
>> Intel and Rackspace.
>>> It seems like infra or others should be able make that possible?
>> [...]
>> The Infrastructure team is in the process of standing up a
>> community-managed deployment of OpenStack, but it's not even within
>> an order of magnitude of being 1k host scale (and at that, it's
>> still a multi-cycle plan just to reach viability).
> Infra-cloud currently has about 200 total real servers donated by HP.
> The primary focus is on adding nodes for nodepool, so that we can
> keep ahead of the milestone surges and general widening of the scope
> of OpenStack. Doing it the same way infra does their other apps also
> means that infra can fix this cloud when it isn't suited to their needs,
> instead of having to work around public cloud quirks.
> However, it was always a secondary goal of infra-cloud to provide a cloud
> that is 100% visible to the entire community, including operators, so
> that the community can collaborate on improving said cloud which should
> drive quality.
> We're currently going very slow, mostly because there are basically
> 3 people working about 5-30 percent of their time on it. As the needs
> listed above grow, I imagine infra-cloud will rise in our priorities.
> If a member company were to donate _more_ nodes in a single place so that
> we could push the bounds of a single region/az/cell, that would be great,
> but I don't think those could be capitalized on without a donation of
> more staff to the infra team as well.

Interesting, doesn't the foundation have money? I was under the 
assumption it does (but I'm not a finance person); seeing that the 
membership fee to become a member afaik is not cheap, and there seems to 
be quite a-lot of members 
(https://www.openstack.org/foundation/companies/) one could speculate 
that resources (compute, lab clouds, people to help manager all of 
these) shouldn't really be a problem...

Anyway, perhaps this is for another conversation...


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