[openstack-dev] Scheduler proposal

Clint Byrum clint at fewbar.com
Tue Oct 13 16:15:02 UTC 2015

Excerpts from Jeremy Stanley's message of 2015-10-13 06:13:32 -0700:
> On 2015-10-12 20:49:44 -0700 (-0700), Joshua Harlow wrote:
> > Does the openstack foundation have access to a scaling area that
> > can be used by the community for this kind of experimental work?
> The OpenStack Foundation has a staff of fewer than 20 full-time
> employees, with a primary focus on event planning and preserving the
> community's trademarks. If instead you mean the member companies who
> make up the OpenStack Foundation, then I agree with the other reply
> on the thread that it sounds like the effort already underway at
> Intel and Rackspace.
> > It seems like infra or others should be able make that possible?
> [...]
> The Infrastructure team is in the process of standing up a
> community-managed deployment of OpenStack, but it's not even within
> an order of magnitude of being 1k host scale (and at that, it's
> still a multi-cycle plan just to reach viability).

Infra-cloud currently has about 200 total real servers donated by HP.
The primary focus is on adding nodes for nodepool, so that we can
keep ahead of the milestone surges and general widening of the scope
of OpenStack. Doing it the same way infra does their other apps also
means that infra can fix this cloud when it isn't suited to their needs,
instead of having to work around public cloud quirks.

However, it was always a secondary goal of infra-cloud to provide a cloud
that is 100% visible to the entire community, including operators, so
that the community can collaborate on improving said cloud which should
drive quality.

We're currently going very slow, mostly because there are basically
3 people working about 5-30 percent of their time on it. As the needs
listed above grow, I imagine infra-cloud will rise in our priorities.

If a member company were to donate _more_ nodes in a single place so that
we could push the bounds of a single region/az/cell, that would be great,
but I don't think those could be capitalized on without a donation of
more staff to the infra team as well.

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