[openstack-dev] [infra] Try to introduce RFC mechanism to CI.

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 >On 2015-10-09 18:06:55 +0800 (+0800), Tang Chen wrote:
 >> It is just a waste of resource if reviewers are discussing about where
 >> this function should be, or what the function should be named. After
 >> all these details are agreed on, run the CI.
[WZ] I'm maintaining 2 3rdparty CIs here, for Nova and Neutron each, and to me there's no big difference in maintaining/supporting a CI that runs 5 or 150 times a day. The only difference may be in resources required to keep up with the Gerrit stream. In my opinion (3rdparty) CIs should help early-discover the problems so should run on all patchsets as they appear - that's their main purpose to me.

 >As one of the people maintaining the upstream CI and helping coordinate our
 >resources/quotas, I don't see that providing early test feedback is a waste.
 >We're steadily increasing the instance quotas available to us, so check
 >pipeline utilization should continue to become less and less of a concern
 >For a change which is still under debate, feel free to simply ignore test results
 >until you get it to a point where you see them start to become relevant.
 >Jeremy Stanley
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