[openstack-dev] [Sender Auth Failure] [neutron] New cycle started. What are you up to, folks?

Howard, Victor Victor_Howard at cable.comcast.com
Fri Oct 9 13:45:35 UTC 2015

I¹d like to help out in some fashion with FwaaS and the IPV6 needs
mentioned.  Current working on the DSCP Spec and patches to implement
ontop of QOS.

I liked Seans comments about devstack, we have been doing tons of testing
for DSCP there without really understanding how things are going to be
updated or knowing if its current with production on master. Would like to
help out in discussing the best way to move forward to keep devstack in
synch or help to update it.

On 10/1/15, 9:45 AM, "Ihar Hrachyshka" <ihrachys at redhat.com> wrote:

>Hi all,
>I talked recently with several contributors about what each of us plans
>for the next cycle, and found it¹s quite useful to share thoughts with
>others, because you have immediate yay/nay feedback, and maybe find
>companions for next adventures, and what not. So I¹ve decided to ask
>everyone what you see the team and you personally doing the next cycle,
>for fun or profit.
>That¹s like a PTL nomination letter, but open to everyone! :) No
>commitments, no deadlines, just list random ideas you have in mind or in
>your todo lists, and we¹ll all appreciate the huge pile of awesomeness no
>one will ever have time to implement even if scheduled for Xixao release.
>To start the fun, I will share my silly ideas in the next email.

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