[openstack-dev] [neutron] New cycle started. What are you up to, folks?

Cathy Zhang Cathy.H.Zhang at huawei.com
Fri Oct 9 01:31:40 UTC 2015

Hi Ihar,

Thank you for starting this thread. Here is what on top of my mind for Mitaka:

I will be busy with work centered around networking-sfc project. 
Networking-sfc is a sub project of Neutron (part of the Neutron Stadium), 
which provides a service function chain API and related functionality.   
It has a service chain plugin similar to the ML2 architecture. 
On the southbound it could integrate with different SFC drivers
such as OVS SFC driver, ONOS SFC driver etc.. It allows different data path encapsulation
mechanisms. All the specifications have been reviewed and merged into the networking-sfc repo. 
In the next cycle, I plan to 

1. continue leading the project team to finish the review and update of the code patches
2. Get the last piece of codes (OVS Agent and UT) tested and uploaded for review
3. Add API/Functional/FullStack tests
4. Have the codes pass all the gating testing to ensure no collateral damage
5. Get all the codes fully reviewed, and then merged to be ready for release in Mitaka. 
5. We will give a deep dive presentation on the SFC project, future roadmap, and demo the functionality
   Following are some work items in the future roadmap: 
   1) integrate with Container to support a mixed chain of Service functions running on VMs or on containers
   2) add a registration API to bring the physical service function devices into the chain and 
      support a mixed of service functions running on VMs, or containers, or physical devices
   3) Support OpenStack SFC integration with ONOS controller 
7. Contribute to the common classifier model (to be used in SFC, QoS, Tap as a Service, FWaaS, Security Group etc) 
   and leverage the flow classifier design and codes developed in networking-sfc.
8. Contribute to port forwarding in neutron which could leverage the work done in networking-sfc. 
9. Help with Neutron code review, bug fix, and testing as much as possible. 

Here are some information links on the networking-sfc project for your reference: 


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Hi all,

I talked recently with several contributors about what each of us plans for the next cycle, and found it’s quite useful to share thoughts with others, because you have immediate yay/nay feedback, and maybe find companions for next adventures, and what not. So I’ve decided to ask everyone what you see the team and you personally doing the next cycle, for fun or profit.

That’s like a PTL nomination letter, but open to everyone! :) No commitments, no deadlines, just list random ideas you have in mind or in your todo lists, and we’ll all appreciate the huge pile of awesomeness no one will ever have time to implement even if scheduled for Xixao release.

To start the fun, I will share my silly ideas in the next email.


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