[openstack-dev] [magnum] How to verify a service is correctly setup in heat template

Qiao,Liyong liyong.qiao at intel.com
Thu Oct 8 10:44:30 UTC 2015

hi Magnum hackers:

Recently, we upgrade to fedora atomic-5 image, but the docker (1.7.1) in 
that image doesn't works well.
see [1].

When I using that image to create a swarm bay, magnum told me that bay 
is usable, actually swarm-master
swarm-agent service are not running correctly, so that bay is not usable.
I proposed a fix [2] to check all service's status (using systemctl 
status) before trigger a signal,
Andrew Melton feel that checking is not reliable, so he propose fix [3].
but fix[3] is not working because additional signals will be ignored 
since in heat template
the default signal count=1. Please refer more information on [4]

So my question is why [2] can not work well ? is my understand wrong on 
https://bugs.launchpad.net/magnum/+bug/1502329/comments/5 ,
is there any other better way to get an asynchronous signal?



BR, Eli(Li Yong)Qiao

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