[openstack-dev] [nova][mistral] Automatic evacuation as a long running task

Roman Dobosz roman.dobosz at intel.com
Fri Oct 2 13:05:19 UTC 2015

Hi all,

The case of automatic evacuation (or resurrection currently), is a topic 
which surfaces once in a while, but it isn't yet fully supported by 
OpenStack and/or by the cluster services. There was some attempts to 
bring the feature into OpenStack, however it turns out it cannot be 
easily integrated with. On the other hand evacuation may be executed 
from the outside using Nova client or Nova API calls for evacuation 

I did some research regarding the ways how it could be designed, based 
on Russel Bryant blog post[1] as a starting point. Apart from it, I've 
also taken high availability and reliability into consideration when 
designing the solution.

Together with coworker, we did first PoC[2] to enable cluster to be able 
to perform evacuation. The idea behind that PoC was simple - providing 
additional, small service which would trigger and supervise the 
evacuation process, which would be triggered from the outside (in this 
example we were using Pacemaker fencing facility, but it might be 
anything) using RabbitMQ directly. Those services are running on the 
control plane in AA fashion.

That work well for us. So we started exploring other possibilities like 
oslo.messaging just to use it in the same manner as we did in the poc.  
It turns out that the implementation will not be as easy, because there 
is no facility in the oslo.messaging for letting sending an ACK from the 
client after the job is done (not as soon as it gets the message). We 
also looked at the existing OpenStack projects for a candidate which 
provide service for managing long running tasks.

There is the Mistral project, which gives us almost all the features we 
need. The one missing feature is the HA of the Mistral tasks execution.

The question is, how such problem (long running tasks) could be resolved 
in OpenStack?

[1] http://blog.russellbryant.net/2014/10/15/openstack-instance-ha-proposal/
[2] https://github.com/dawiddeja/evacuationd

Roman Dobosz

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