[openstack-dev] [Fuel] Bugfixing status. 12 weeks before SCF.

Dmitry Pyzhov dpyzhov at mirantis.com
Thu Oct 1 18:17:36 UTC 2015


I was not able to participate in our weekly IRC meeting. So I'd like to
share our bug status for 8.0 release with offline e-mail.

We have 494 Fuel bugs on Launchpad. This number can be splitted into
several piles.

1) Critical and High priority bugs. We have 48 of them now. 2 in UI, 31 in
python, 15 in library. Here is our focus and we are working on reducing the
2) Medium/Low/Wishlist priority bugs. We have 241 bug. 72 in UI, 119 in
python, 50 in library.
3) Features reported as bugs and bugs that can be fixed only by
implementing new blueprints. We have 133 of them. 3 in UI, 106 in python
and 24 in library. These bugs are marked with 'feature', 'covered-by-bp'
and 'need-bp' tags. Numbers look scary but only 40 of them have high and
critical priority.
4) Technical debt. Things that we should do better from developer's point
of view. 72 bugs in total. 60 in python, 12 in library. They are marked
with 'tech-debt' tag.

My personal opinion is that we can ignore our medium-priority technical
debt bugs for now. We should fix them but there is nothing that cannot be
postponed here. We will continue fixing them in background. The only
exception here should be bugs related to alignment with global
requirements, tox and oslo-related changes. We definitely should fix this

You can see that we have big demand for python developers. Here is my early
estimation. With current pace we can fix all existing library bugs in 8.0.
Also we can fix all existing high priority bugs in python. It includes
technical debt and maybe feature-bugs. It looks like we are able to fix
about half of medium priority python bugs. I don't have any estimations for
medium priority feature-bugs in python. And I'd prefer to be pessimistic
here. Also we will fix very small number of medium priority technical debt

There is a good chance that number of incoming bugs will became smaller
over time and we will fix most of existing medium priority python bugs.
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