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Fei Long Wang feilong at catalyst.net.nz
Fri Nov 6 12:35:10 UTC 2015

Sorry typo:  it should be 'pre-signed URL'

On 07/11/15 01:31, Fei Long Wang wrote:
> Greetings,
> Firstly, thank you for everyone joined Zaqar sessions at Tokyo summit. 
> We definitely made some great progress for those working sessions. 
> Here are the high level summary and those are basically our Mitaka 
> priorities. I may miss something so please feel free to comment/reply 
> this mail.
> Sahara + Zaqar
> ---------------------
> We have a great discussion with Ethan Gafford from Sahara team. Sahara 
> team is happy to use Zaqar to fix some potential security issues. The 
> main user case will be covered in Mitaka is protecting tenant guest 
> and data from administrative user. So what Zaqar team needs to do in 
> Mitaka is completing the zaqar client function gaps for v2 to support 
> pre-signed URL, which will be used by Sahara guest agent. Ethan will 
> create a spec in Sahara to track this work. This is a POC of what it'd 
> look like to have a guest agent in Sahara on top of Zaqar. The Sahara 
> team has not decided to use Zaqar yet but this would be the bases for 
> that discussion.
> Horizon + Zaqar
> ----------------------
> We used 1 horizon work session and 1 Zaqar work session to discuss 
> this topic. The main user case we would like to address is the async 
> notification so that Horizon won't have to poll the other OpenStack 
> components(e.g. Nova, Glance or Cinder) per second to get the latest 
> status. And I'm really happy to see we worked out a basic plan by 
> leveraging Zaqar's notification and websocket.
> 1. Implement a basic filter for Zaqar subscription, so that Zaqar can 
> decide if the message should be posted/forwarded to the subscriber 
> when there is a new message posted the queue. With this feature, 
> Horizon will only be notified by its interested notifications.
> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/zaqar/+spec/suport-filter-for-subscription
> 2. Listen OpenStack notifications
> We may need more discussion about this to make sure if it should be in 
> the scope of Zaqar's services. It could be separated process/service 
> of Zaqar to listen/collect interested notifications/messages and post 
> them in to particular Zaqar queues. It sounds very interesting and 
> useful but we need to define the scope carefully for sure.
> Pool Group and Flavor
> -----------------------------
> Thanks MD MADEEM proposed this topic so that we have a chance to 
> review the design of pool, pool group and flavor. Now the pool group 
> and flavor has a 1:1 mapping relationship and the pool group and pool 
> has a 1:n mapping relationship. But end user don't know the existence 
> of pool, so flavor is the way for end user to select what kind of 
> storage(based on capabilities) he want to use. Since pool group can't 
> provide more information than flavor so it's not really necessary, so 
> we decide to deprecate/remove it in Mitaka. Given this is hidden from 
> users (done automatically by Zaqar), there won't be an impact on the 
> end user and the API backwards compatibility will be kept.
> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/zaqar/+spec/deprecate-pool-group
> Zaqar Client
> ----------------
> Some function gaps need to be filled in Mitaka. Personally, I would 
> rate the client work as the 1st priority of M since it's very key for 
> the integration with other OpenStack components. For v1.1, the support 
> for pool and flavor hasn't been completed. For v2, we're stilling 
> missing the support for subscription and pre-signed URL.
> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/zaqar/+spec/finish-client-support-for-v1.1-features
> SqlAlchemy Migration
> -----------------------------
> Now we're missing the db migration support for SqlAlchemy, the control 
> plane driver. We will fix it in M as well.
> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/zaqar/+spec/sqlalchemy-migration
> Guys, please contribute this thread to fill the points/things I missed 
> or pop up in #openstack-zaqar channel directly with questions and 
> suggestions.
> -- 
> Cheers & Best regards,
> Fei Long Wang (王飞龙)
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Cheers & Best regards,
Fei Long Wang (王飞龙)
Senior Cloud Software Engineer
Tel: +64-48032246
Email: flwang at catalyst.net.nz
Catalyst IT Limited
Level 6, Catalyst House, 150 Willis Street, Wellington

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