[openstack-dev] [kolla][release] Announcing Liberty-1 release of Kolla

Steven Dake (stdake) stdake at cisco.com
Tue Jun 30 04:59:04 UTC 2015

The Kolla community is pleased to announce the release of the Kolla Liberty 1 milestone.  This release fixes 56 bugs and implements 14 blueprints!

Of significant note during this milestone, we defined our Mission statement for our project which is:

Kolla provides production-ready containers and deployment tools for operating OpenStack clouds that are scalable, fast, reliable, and upgradable using community best practices.

During this release we have dramatically improved our CI systems by building every container we develop and by introducing bashate gating.  During Liberty-2 we plan to introduce container content testing where feasible.

Our community developed the following notable features:

  *   A start at source-based containers

  *   Cinder containers

  *   Designate containers

  *   Galera containers (HA database support)

  *   Keepalived containers

  *   OpenvSwitch containers

  *   The fat neutron container was converted to thin Neutron containers

  *   Continuous improvement of existing containers

  *   RabbitMQ with HA clustering support

  *   Oracle Linux base container

For full details, check out our launchpad tracker [1].  For Liberty-2 our main focus will be the execution of the two specifications written during the Liberty-1 cycle.  These blueprints are:

  *   Making Kolla deploy Highly Available OpenStack environments [2]

  *   Adding Ansible deployingment tooling to Kolla [3]

We feel these high impact activities are the best way to deliver on our mission statement.

We have a really solid crew of reviewers that are not on the core team.  We hope that folks interested in joining the core reviewer team will continue reviewing - we definately appreciate the reviews!  For some short statistics of our reviewer activity check out [4].  Note the 20% of reviews coming from folks with no corporate affiliation!

The software is available for immediate download from:


- The Kolla Development Team

[1] https://launchpad.net/kolla/+milestone/liberty-1
[2] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/181983/
[3] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/189157/
[4] http://stackalytics.com/?project_type=all&module=kolla

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