[openstack-dev] [Fuel][Plugins] differenciate node with the same role

Samuel Bartel samuel.bartel.pro at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 07:41:34 UTC 2015

Hi folks

I am wondering if it is possible to differenciate nodes within a same role.
Is it possible for example to apply aplugin to a compute node A but not a
compute node B?
It will be more clear with examples :
1) for the nfs plugin I want to use nfs storage backend for compute node A
but LVM for compute node B
2) I was thinking of a plugin to define Availability zone and setup compute
node A and B in AZ1 and compute node C in AZ2

I think it would possible to check according to specific value in the name
of the node. But it doesn't seems to me to be very clean. And if we hav
many plugins built in that way, name of the node would become very
complicated soon and it is not very flexible. I was more looking a way to
put a tag in the node (without needed to manually edit deployement yaml

Anyone has already done something like this or has a tips on that topic?


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