[openstack-dev] [all] [stable] No longer doing stable point releases

Ian Cordasco ian.cordasco at RACKSPACE.COM
Mon Jun 15 22:35:57 UTC 2015

On 6/15/15, 16:24, "Thomas Goirand" <zigo at debian.org> wrote:

>On 06/15/2015 05:19 PM, Ian Cordasco wrote:
>> On 6/15/15, 09:24, "Thomas Goirand" <zigo at debian.org> wrote:
>>> On 06/08/2015 01:55 PM, Kuvaja, Erno wrote:
>>>> One thing I like about plan D
>>>> is that it would give also indicator how much the stable branch has
>>>> moved in
>>>> each individual project.
>>> The only indication you will get is how many patches it has. I fail to
>>> see how this is valuable information. No info on how important they are
>>> or anything of this kind, which is a way more important.
>>> Thomas
>> Are you implying that stable point releases as they exist today provide
>> importance? How is that case?
>I'm just replying to Kuvaja, Erno, who pretends that plan D will give
>"indicator how much the stable branch has moved in". My answer is: not
>it wont. Maybe there was lots of cosmetic patches (like typos, man page,
>or who knows...). The number of patch is an indication of ... nothing,
>The only way to have indications is release notes. Since it looks like
>there's not enough resources to write them, we're giving up on them.
>It's really a shame, because I'm sure it was valuable for our users.

I would suggest you read the section of the wiki that describes what is an
appropriate commit to land on a stable branch:

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